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Choice Home Warranty Sues the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Edison, NJ, Choice Home Warranty today announced that it has filed a lawsuit against the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey, Inc. and it's President Melissa Companick. Choice Home Warranty does not recognize the Better Business Bureau's ratings system as a system that consumers can believe in. Choice Home Warranty is not alone in this fight. Recently, the Connecticut Attorney General has been investigating the practices of the BBB and there was a 20/20 special on ABC news exposing the BBB's unfair practices.

In fact, CHW has won numerous awards relating to how they provide service. The Consumer Approved & Business Excellence awards from RatePoint are only given to companies that can achieve and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction as reported by their customers. Choice Home Warranty has always achieved these levels.

David Bailey, Vice President of Choice Home Warranty, said, “We want to thank RatePoint for recognizing the length we go to in order to satisfy our customers, and we are so excited to have been chosen to receive these prestigious awards.”

Choice Home Warranty works hard to ensure that their customers have an enjoyable experience, at what is normally an unenjoyable time. No one likes when their appliances aren’t working, but Choice Home Warranty works hard to get people back on track. Their approach is extremely pro-active and that is why they believe Choice Home Warranty has the most satisfied customers in the home warranty industry.

See a copy of the lawsuit here:


Better Business Bureau 20/20 Investigation

Connecticut Attorney General Statement about the BBB.


September 9, 2010

“I remain concerned about the Better Business Bureau’s rating system and my office’s investigation is continuing. We have reached no conclusions.

“My office last month wrote the Connecticut BBB requesting information regarding my concerns -- especially the role of dues in determining ratings and potential harm to businesses that decline to join -- and we await a response. My office is reaching out to BBB to help facilitate a response.

“BBB ratings should be based exclusively on performance, honesty and responsiveness. Rankings should not be affected by membership in the BBB. Any suggestion or appearance of ‘pay-to-play’ threatens to undermine the accuracy and credibility of the BBB’s ratings, potentially misleading consumers and unfairly tainting nonmember businesses.”

Connecticut Attorney Threatens Legal Action Against Better Business Burea.

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What is CHW Green?

Choice Home Warranty is proud to announce the CHW Green program. This program covers replacement of covered major systems and appliances with ENERGY STAR qualified products.  
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